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80th birthday cake 682x1024 80th Birthday Cake Ideas

80th Birthday Cake

80th birthday party will definitely become a rare and memorable chance for elders to celebrate birthday. It brings excitement as well as gratefulness as they are granted to have long life. Besides, celebrating the 80th birthday with children, grandchildren, and the whole family is pretty much prestigious especially for the elders. Accordingly, having the right choice of the 80th birthday cake is considered a must. Here are some possible alternatives you can follow.

80 years of life is regarded to be so much meaningful since the elders have been passing through many events, happenings, and stories during those years. To symbolize this treasured moment of elders, making a treasure chest cake is considered great and appropriate. Bake a rectangular or round sheet cake, and then cover it either with colorful frosting or with fondant. On top of the covered cake, sprinkle some candies, chocolate coins, crystal sugar, and some other edible decorations which resemble the journey and treasure of the elders’ life.

Then, making an 80 cake is another unique alternative. Simply, as the name, the cakes are basically comprised of two basic cakes shaped in 8 and 0 forms. First, bake two sheet cakes; one is in rectangular shape and the other is in round shape. The edges of rectangular cake, after it is baked, are cut so that the edges will become a bit rounded. If you think cutting the center part will not be difficult, you can try to make it. Before that, divide the rectangular cake into 2 different parts; the first half is on top and the other half is on the bottom side (make rough outline is possible, but do not cut it). On the middle of the first half, which is the top side, create a hole and carefully cut it. Do the same way to the other section. After you finish, the cake will be in shape of number 8. As for the number 0, you can leave the middle part since round shape will automatically represent “0”. Yet, if you think you like to make it as the real or standard “0”, just carefully make it. Now, the shaping process of 8 and 0 cakes are done. The rest steps will be dealing with covering, frosting, and putting on some decorations.

The last idea of 80th birthday cake is to make a memorial cake. It does not mean that you will use traditional cake or such things since it is basically standard cake shaped into something the most remarkable and memorable during the elders’ life. If the elders are fond of flowers, fishes, horses, cow-boys, or certain things, simply, make a 3D cake representing the characters. Making it by your own might be difficult, thus you can just order or ask for a professional baker’s help. Yet, if you are able to handle it, then there will be no problem to make it by your own. All process needed actually depends on your personal preference. So, for your moms, dads, grannies, and grandpas going to celebrate 80th birthday, which design of 80th birthday cake are you planning to make?

80th birthday cake ideas 768x1024 80th Birthday Cake Ideas

80th Birthday Cake Ideas

80th birthday cake for mother 786x1024 80th Birthday Cake Ideas

80th Birthday Cake for Mother

80th birthday cake for father 1024x769 80th Birthday Cake Ideas

80th Birthday Cake for Father

80th birthday cake pictures 80th Birthday Cake Ideas

80th Birthday Cake Pictures

beautiful 80th birthday cake 80th Birthday Cake Ideas

Beautiful 80th Birthday Cake

chocolate 80th birthday cake 80th Birthday Cake Ideas

Chocolate 80th Birthday Cake

rose 80th birthday cake 768x1024 80th Birthday Cake Ideas

Rose 80th Birthday Cake

pink 80th birthday cake 80th Birthday Cake Ideas

Pink 80th Birthday Cake

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