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Batman Birthday Cake Ideas

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batman birthday cake ideas Batman Birthday Cake Ideas

Batman birthday cake ideas

Are your kids a fan of Batman? If so, having Batman birthday cake will be a great choice to perfect their birthday moment. Here are some tips to consider.

Batman Birthday Cake Themes

Bat Shapes

Making the cake in the form of bat will figure a three dimensional shape which is also able to make your cake look like a real miniature of Batman. Such cake can be made in a frosting-baked cake or cupcakes. There will be not many color varieties since Batman character itself is dominated with black or dark color only.

Bag Signal

Another way to create Batman-themed birthday cake is through his popular device, which is Bat-signal. The signal, as in the movie, is an alert, turned on and shining into the skies once danger comes. For such concept, you can either use standard round or sheet cake. Then decorate it with Batman symbol and also the entire decoration representing Batman’s signal. If you are not too familiar with the design, you can look for it on Batman comic book. Alternatively, if you find it difficult while your kids really long for it, you can just order and purchase it a particular birthday cake store specially handling children-themed birthday cakes.

Batman Scene

This is quite different from the previous concepts since this cake resembles Batman action figure as well as his villains, Gotham city, and other things around Batman’s life. You can just customize and arrange the design of Batman scene by using your own imagination, or you can also copy a particular scene from Batman movie or comic.

Batman Birthday Cake Decoration

A Batman birthday cake looks really cool if it has several items which so much represent Batman, such as logo, color, insignia, cityscape, etc.

Batman’s Insignia

Batman’s insignia is characterized by its black bat logo and silhouetted cape. This is relatively the easiest way to customize a Batman birthday cake. Simply, use black and yellow frosting or fondant to create the basis of Batman cake. Add, some chocolate chips for the bat shape and yellow chips for its background. To make it more tempting and sweet, place some candies on top of it.

Batman’s Mobile

Use a rectangular cake and then cut it into the basic shape of sport car. An interesting design of Batman’s mobile is a pointed form on its end. Make sure you do not miss this part. Use chocolate or dark frosting and also black licorice to perfect the entire design. For its wheels, use chocolate cream cookies or chocolate mint candies on the two sides.

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