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Rapunzel Birthday Cake

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rapunzel birthday cake Rapunzel Birthday Cake

Rapunzel Birthday Cake

Similar to other cartoon characters in birthday cakes, like Tinker Bell birthday cake, Elmo birthday cake, Scooby Doo birthday cake, and others, Rapunzel birthday cake becomes one of the most favorite choices especially for little girls. Decorating such cake comprise several methods, including to put Rapunzel Barbie doll, make a 3D Rapunzel doll, or just draw a picture of Rapunzel.

To do this, generally you will need cake mix, oven, tray, butter cream icing, frosting, fondant, spatula and pasta. In the first place, prepare the cake mix. Butter the tray or bowl where you will put the mixture. After buttering it over, pour the batter in about two-thrid part. Bake it for about 35 minutes at 325 degrees Fahrenheit. Check the cake if it is fully cooked or not by using a toothpick. After you put in the toothpick to the cake, if there is no pieces stick on it, then the cake is fully cooked. On the same way, you need to bake it in a longer time if you still find the cake pieces adhere on the toothpick.

When removing the cake from its tray, tip over the tray beforehand. Use knife or small spatula so that the cake will not ruin once you take it out. Let it cool down. Then, spread buttercream icing to the cake. Freeze or just let the icing hardened by putting it into the refrigerator for about 20 minutes. After the whole parts are solid, apply for another layer of icing. Now, use different color. In addition, the color selection should be matched with the basic theme of Rapunzel characters, which usually include pink, light blue, white, yellow, and some other soft colors. if you like to create a castle like a place where Rapunzel was jailed, you can just develop it from the basis you just made. Yet, it may need more cakes and more decorative materials.

For the Rapunzel character, you do not have to make it from the cake. Rather, you can just place a Barbie doll and then decorate it with icing or edible accessories. As Rapunzel is mostly known for its super long hair, you can surely make from buttercream icing or fondant. Cut the fondant, if you like to use it, in a particular length. Attach it by using pasta of just place it on top of the Rapunzel Barbie. Importantly, you have to use the hairless Barbie; otherwise you cannot make edible hair on it. After you get the Barbie dressed and decorated with fondant hair, place it on the castle cake you have made. To create more decorations, you can just add more starts or plants around the castles. If possible, attaching another Barbie dolls on the bottom side of the castle cake will also be great. It then will represent Rapunzel and friends.

rapunzel birthday cake and cupcakes 768x1024 Rapunzel Birthday Cake

Rapunzel Birthday Cake and Cupcakes

rapunzel birthday cake design 768x1024 Rapunzel Birthday Cake

Rapunzel Birthday Cake Design

rapunzel birthday cake for child 768x1024 Rapunzel Birthday Cake

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rapunzel birthday cake for girls Rapunzel Birthday Cake

Rapunzel Birthday Cake for Girls

rapunzel birthday cake for kids Rapunzel Birthday Cake

Rapunzel Birthday Cake for Kids

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the rapunzel birthday cake 768x1024 Rapunzel Birthday Cake

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beautiful rapunzel birthday cake 632x1024 Rapunzel Birthday Cake

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rapunzel birthday cake images 787x1024 Rapunzel Birthday Cake

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rapunzel birthday cake wallpaper 682x1024 Rapunzel Birthday Cake

Rapunzel Birthday Cake Wallpaper

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